Austral insulated panel
maintains and recycles an
artificially chilled atmosphere.

Whatever your business, when there's a need to store perishable goods or fresh produce at a controlled temperature for any length of time, then your coolroom or freezer needs to be built with laminated insulated panel.

Austral have been in the panel industry for many years now, building controlled atmosphere structures for all the big names.

Research and development has produced many new core materials,
each with their own particular benefit.
Whatever your requirements, we can offer you the best product or advise you how to save time and money - call us now!

For Refrigerated Applications the choice is yours:
your selection reflects Our Solution!

Refrigerated detail drawings (in PDF format)
Typical refrigerated building section.
Freezer external base / wall.
Freezer alternate external base / wall.
Partition wall / column.
Freezer wall to ceiling.
Freezer wall to wall.
Ceiling suspensions.
External Roof Panel - VIC & WA
External Roof Panel - SA & NT
Freezer heated door sill.
Kit Coolrooms & Freezers.